I called on December 17, 2013 to order my 12 year old a mini ipad for Christmas. The only reason I ordered with qvc instead of going with another vendor to begin with is because they GUARANTEED me a delivery date of December 24, 2013 in which the other vendors could not.

To be honest Christmas Eve was too close for comfort for me but the rep assured me I would receive it by then. Mind you this gift was the only thing she really wanted. Sure enough December 21, 2013 I get an email saying due to high demand you may not receive your item by Christmas! Always go with your first instinct.

I called to cancel for a refund immediately so that I could scramble and find it elsewhere and the rep tells me "hold on, let me get with my manager to see if there is anything we can do" he comes back and tells me his manager has upgraded my shipment to priority red and it would definitely reach by Christmas Eve. Big fat lie! I called early morning on the 24th to see if I could track the package and it had not even been sent out for shipping. Needless to say I was completely livid!

They tried to offer me $70 in credits which my daughter will careless about when she doesn't have her ipad on Christmas the supervisor Chelsea was the rudest most unprofessional tramp I had ever dealt with. Totally unacceptable especially during the holidays. I plan to post on fb, twitter, and blog about my horrendous experience with qvc.

Never, ever again will they have my business nor the business of anyone close to me. They can be certain of that!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #763686

Your an ***! Some people probably didn't have the money available to order them super early.

She was promised to get her gift in time and it should have happened. She ordered it plenty in advance. My gift from qvc didn't arrive either so it's more than one person they screwed over many of their customers.

Any other time I order qvc it's there in two or three days! They should not have made promises they couldn't keep.

Hesperia, California, United States #763589

How in considered of you !!!! When a company tell you a delivery day and guarantee it they have just took away your option !!!

When she first made her order she had plenty of time to go out and make prevision for her child !

But QVC took her options away when they decided to GUARANTEE her delivery ...and they also did the same to me ...

Cicero, Illinois, United States #763578

I'm having the exact same problem with Qvc. The GAURANTEED here by christmas is a scam.

I'm livid,I feel so helpless my boys holidays are ruined .

If qvc would have been truthful about the shipping I would have shopped else where. The shouldn't make GAURANTEED they can't keep.


It isn't QVCs fault. I ordered a Kindle Fire HD for myself and was told it would be here by today, without paying for expediated shipping and it arrived about noon, and wasn't supposed to arrive until about 4PM.

I live in South Dakota. But when I order something that has to be here by a certain date I order six to eight weeks ahead of time.


There's a saying for situations like this:

"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine."

When your daughter doesn't have her iPad mini tomorrow morning it's not because of QVC--it's because you couldn't plan well enough to get off your butt and buy it sometime in the 11 other months of the year.

to Anonymous #763767

If they could not make good on their guarantee, then they should not have made it an option. If I purchase something with a guarantee, then I don't expect for the guarantee not to be honored.

It is called business ethics. They expect my checking account/credit card to be authorized. Well, we expect what we have paid for. Especially, those who paid $20.00 extra NOT to get what was ordered.

By the way, when you online shop, you don't necessarily have to get "off your butt", do you?

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