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I have ordered from QVC for twelve years.I live in a rural area and online shopping is a must.

I order a lot of items - but clothing and jewelry and cosmetics are hard to buy because they really are a try it on and see items. I have found that no matter what the reviews or sizing the items just either do not fit (too big or small) do not suit, or I just don't like something about it. I often will order something in two different sizes because of the fit problem and I know that if I don't, the item could very well be sold out by the time I receive it and try it on. QVC sent me a letter warning me that I was sending too many items back and that I was costing them money by doing so.

Their hosts and advertising stress that you should send things back if you are not happy with them - they don't add that there is a limit no - they sneakily send you a letter for that. I spent over $1500 last year - I don' even know what the return shipping added up to (6.99 a pop).



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San Clemente, California, United States #972936

Sometime ago I would order Eterna Gold jewelry.The 22 inch box chain was discovered not to be gold when I went to 2 gold buyers for their test to see if was gold, they both said no it wasn't real.

It was worthless. Another experience I had before that was with an Eterna gold bangle. I had it for less than a year when it cracked.

This is a waste of money and a misrepresentation by QVC.I can't understand how they could have let this slip.


Perhaps if the hosts stopped acting silly, giggling and stopped joking around, stopped telling personal family stories, and using sales gimmicks and instead provided important information about the PRODUCT and especially measurements for clothing and the fabrics etc THEY WOULD GET LESS RETURNS!!!

to Anonymous #1432549

I agree, especially Shawn Killinger, she is obnoxious, silly, sipid, a giggling school girl who is the supposed host of a major shopping program who supplies little info. about the item shown but we do get the inside scoop about her life, her likes and dislikes and we even get to hear her occasionally yell to the shows producer telling said person to order the product being shown for her, so in short I agree with you!

West Virginia, United States #875072

well I for one of millions is a very happy the products and staff... shopping qvc for many years...........PERHAPS YOU NEED GO WALMART........JUST SAYING.........

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #872771

I wonder how many returns are too many?

Louisiana, United States #861814

I have also received the same letter.I'm with the rest of you guys.


Speaking of the cost of shipping, has anyone noticed that the shipping charges have doubled? I ordered some tops from the LOGO line and it cost $12+ shipping on each top. I did have one order that had two items, which reduced the shipping, but when you are watching a show and things are selling quickly, you end up ordering single items.

When I went to check my Orders, that is when I noticed the high shipping cost.

I began to cancel nearly all of the orders because of those charges. I honestly believe that QVC wants to deal with the people who can afford to toss something aside if it does not fit or does not work out.

I, for one, can not AFFORD that path!I think they are making money off of this!!

Mobile, Alabama, United States #856897


I feel you have the right to feel the way you do.When I've a problem I report the company(s),to the better business bureau.

If I may I suggest you do the same. When a company promises an customer such as yourself and doesn't follow Thur and make complaints to you. You've the same to do the same .

This way Qvc will know you mean business.Have a great day .

Los Angeles, California, United States #710746

Some time ago I ordered several peices of the Eterna gold jewelery from Qvc.After a time , I went to several gold buyers who all tested what was supposed to be gold, but declined it because they said it wasn't gold.

It wasn't worth anything. I contacted Eterna gold and they said that their jewelery was made with certaian alloys that added strength, but probably was mixed in such a way with the gold that it would test negative as being gold. This was more like an excuse than a reason. The bangle I sent back to the company because it cracked, some strength that had.

They replaced it with another that cracked, in time, so I gave up. The necklace they wouldn't take back because I lost the statement on it after a period of time.

I don't think everyone has had problems with Eterna gold, but I sure did !:sigh

to kitty Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #787926


Today I attempted to sell a Eternagold necklace that I purchased from QVC a few years back to a gold buyer.As soon as the gold buyer ran a magnet over the necklace, it picked the necklace right up.

This necklace is stamped 14K gold but it is by no means solid gold. I immediately came home and called QVC's customer service and ironically they could not find my order for this Eternagold necklace. They claimed they checked my order history back to 2002. QVC said they would further investigate the matter and contact me in 3 weeks.

I have not attempted to contact Eternagold but it doesn't sound like I will have much luck going that route since I made the purchase 5+ years ago from QVC and I do not have the receipt. This is the only piece of Eternagold I own, and I think I paid at most $200.00 for it. Regardless, QVC advertises Eternagold as 14K jewelry. This necklace is stamped 14K and I was led to believe I was purchasing 14K jewelry that had some value.

I seriously doubt I'll have any luck in getting anywhere with QVC in this matter and this experience has left me doubtful that I will ever purchase anything from QVC again.They are supposed to stand behind the products they sale.

to Duped by Eternagold Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #1108051

I have read that so many reviews and talked to so many people on "eternagold" saying the SAME thing.Lots of people found they couldn't sell it for scrap when gold prices were high a few years back.

It is highly illegal as in you can go to jail, to hallmark gold incorrectly. I hope they get caught.

A smart lawyer should file a class action law suit.

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