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I ordered an ipad mini on Qvc in November, its was advertised to be shipped on 12/17/12. I also paid for premium shipping to make sure I would receive in time for Christmas. I checked the status of my order all that week. I even called 12/18/12 to question why the mini haven't shipped, the Qvc rep advised me " There was a delay and will ship 12/19/12".

I checked the website on 12/19/12, saw no tracking number. I called again and again was advised " The ipad mini WAS shipped but no tracking info was yet available" I told the rep I was calling to make sure if was actually going to be here for xmas, if not I has time to order another item. She assured me it was shipped.

The Friday before Christmas I noticed an email from Qvc sent after 1pm stating THE IPAD WOULD NOT BE REACHED IN TIME FOR XMAS!!!! WHY would a company sent you an email 3 DAYS before xmas stating this!!! I was heart broken because my Principals List 5 year asked for one thing which was an IPAD MINI!!!!!!!!!!

I was heartbroken!! I called every Wal-Mart in a 100 mile radius to locate an ipad..They were all sold out. If I knew Qvc do business this was, I would've purchased an ipad in Nov to assure I would have it in time for xmas. I called Qvc and spoke with a Manager and they only offered a $25.00 credit, WTF is $25.00??!! I have lost all respect for QVC and will NEVER do business with them in the future. And before this I was a loyal customer.

My 5 years was very unhappy xmas morning, he asked if he was on Santa "Naughty list" since he did get what he asked for. Very Very sad xmas for me!!! Thanks Qvc for the worst xmas ever. I definitely will file an report with the FTC. doing business in such a matter is distasteful and unacceptable!! FASLSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Qvc Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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No kid needs everything that they want. They should never be led to believe that Santa will bring them everything they want.

The same goes for things from their parents. When you see the things they want tell them something like what they will get will depend on how much Santa can afford.

However, that being said, all Santa ever brought the kids in my family and again my kids, were little items that fit in a stocking----they were also extremely cheap. Also when it comes to ordering things for gifts do it really far ahead of when it will be needed-----especially if the parents will be disappointed if it doesn't arrive on time.

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