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I agree with all the negative comments., QVC is a shopping network not a boudoir for discussions. QVC' should not tolerate nor should they allow the hosts to go on and on about their personal life.

Who cares about Shawn's wedding, husband, vacations or new baby. I certain don't. Who wants to know about Jane Tracy's daughter performing in a ballet somewhere or how many pairs of shoes she owes. We, the customers, are interested by the products offered not the personal life stories of the hosts or guests for that matter.

Enough annoying chitchats, less keep it down to business. If they want to talk about something else than the items they present, then find subjects that appeals to the entire audience but nothing personal. As for their attitude, I also agree that the dances and stupid jokes (Shawn's in particular) have got to stop. In her case, her behavior with Isaac -and many others- is rude, wrong and unacceptable on television.

QVC should also control Shawn's look and clothing style. She wears awful clothes and shoes and make up that makes her look like a maniac. QVC sells lots of designers items therefore the hosts should remain classy (like Marie-Beth who is the perfect example of the ideal host). The models are there to present the clothe selection this is their role not the one of the hosts.

There is way too much laisser aller from the hosts which makes the presentation irritating , unpleasant and unprofessional. Shawn is the most annoying of all of them, she will gain in keeping her mouth shut and concentrate on giving the information the customers want to hear.

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I totally agree with you!




Agree big time. I was watching last night, when Jane told her panty size, a size 6!

I really don't need to know this, this woman has no filter whatsoever. It's a turn off, I turned the channel.

to Gevat #1423257

Size 6, my a--.


Totally agree. Nothing more to add


We Totally Agree! Well Said!!!

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