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What and when are you going to do something about rude and obnoxious Susan Graver and Shawn Killinger? I finally had it up to here with Shawn spending the whole time Laurie Felt was presenting her clothes buying for herself every item that was brought out, talking to whomever was upstairs while the models stand anround and finally Laura said Well, I guess it's the Shawn show! She insults Isaac Mizrahi and at times calls him annoying. She told Dennis Basso he needed to go and he turned around and said "I'll slap you!"

She's also walked away from Josie Maran leaving Josie without notice throwing her hands in the air!

Then there's the worst of all....Susan Graver. OMG she never stops talking even talking over the host or interrupting until the host just steps away which Susan doesn't even notice since Susan takes over. Her clothes are hideous. But that's probably a good thing since this means I don't have to watch her.

Someone told me Susan deletes her bad reviews but I found plenty about Shawn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Qvc Tv Show.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

I liked: Price of item.

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I agree, time for Shawn to go. It would be nice to hear the vendor talk instead of her, constantly. Change is good!


Wow, and I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Someone needs to teach these women manners!

I can’t stand either one of them.

I rarely watch QVC at all now, can’t remember the last time I did. I guess if they lose enough customers they’ll listen since we all know it’s all about the money, if someone is buying it they’ll keep the rude obnoxious self centered hosts on.


I have to totally agree. I stopped buying Susan Graver products because of her INCESSANT NON STOP BLABBERING.

It is annoying, embarrassing and takes away from the presentation of the product. As far as Shawn and her sister, Kristen. Well, they don't realize they are salespeople and not movie stars.

Just tune in over to HSN and see the hosts provide information on products in a professional and gentile manner, being informative without being full of themselves. QVC you need to pay attention to your customers.

to Jaycee #1663649

I totally agree with everything, including the classy HSN Hosts. I need to mention how annoying Jane Treacy is, she talks over everyone presenting their products, cuz in the beginning of ther Q thery had no presenters, and she talked non stop.

but now, she is over the top with her talk, and her cutesy poses for the camera look ridiculous. She wears too much makeup that makes her look freakish in HD closeup and her clothes she models too tight.


I complained about Susan Graver and received a nasty reply from customer service. I love her clothes but her non stop talking and interrupting got on my nerves so bad that I stopped watching her and Shawn Killinger.


Susan Graver NEVER SHUTS UP! I will never ever watch her on TV again.

Purchasing anything of hers is not going to happen. And Shawn Killinger is out of control with hyperactivity and self grandiosity. Can’t stand her. Love the other hosts that demonstrate enthusiasm along with humility.


Not self-absorbed actors. Just tell us how the product will benefit the consumer without the over-the-top hyperverbal theatrics!


Holy *** people. Get lives of your own, please, & stop insulting women whom you know only via television!

Women are so vicious toward one another! That is what is UGLY, not a tv host. Grow up!!! If you don't want to watch certain people, tune to another channel!

I am, literally, shaking my head. Sad, sad, sad!!!

to A Woman Supporting Women #1576803

Are you serious??? It is the customers that drive the Q channel, and if enough are annoyed, such as myself, then there will be a loss in revenue.

Sad? I don't think so!

I too find both of these women annoying. So shake your head all you want, but the bottom line is, I quit watching the channel, and buying product, due to hosts like these!

to A Woman Supporting Women #1649804

Beat it, lady. Step off the “I am woman, hear me roar” bus”. And I’m a woman...lol.

to Katie #1649807

P.S. please don’t comment on my punctuation.

Lolololo. Not very computer savvy...lolololo Gotcha!


Susan Graver needs to tone down. She talks too much and has to be in every shot.

Why have models If all you see is SG. If she is on I immediately turn channel.


QVC really needs to pay attention to all comments re Shawn K and Susan G.......two premadonnas that are so annoying to watch! If they want to continue to talk about themselves they should go to Facebook to do so. They are both very rude and overbearing.


Someone needs to tell Shawn that dressing like mother daughter is cute, but when you are a forty something and have the same hairdo (pony on top of head) as your one year old daughter, that is not cute.


I noticed Susan Graver never compliments any other designer. Only herself and her clothes, while Kim Gravel compliments all the designers and purchases their clothes, but not on air like Shawn Killenger.

to Mel b #1563175

I agree about Susan Graver. I am in total disbelief over her juvenile behavior.

She is self involved, she doesn't listen and she is very rude. The Hosts look at her like she's crazy, but she's so busy talking, she doesn't notice. The Hosts can't even name the colors.

I turn the channel when she is on. She really needs to take etiquette classes on how to be a lady and how to be humble.


Sean Killenger changed with the bright lipstick, think it soaked into her brain. Rude!!!! Cannot watch her anymore!


Susan Graver, please shut up. I would buy your clothes but you are an irritant, same stupid words over each item presented. Liquid Knit, "so good" " you will wear this" on and on!!!!

to Beth Brown #1670151

I totally agree. Her voice actually makes me nervous so I have to turn her off. I start shaking a little and get itchy.


Both Susan Graver & Shawn Killinger are narcissists!Susan has that whiny high pitched voice & continually compliments herself!Shawn looks like an old *** with her ugly hairdo & horrific black eye make up!

to Scooter #1524194

Agree. Beyond annoying.

Both women. Cannot watch either one. Narcissistic doesn’t EVEN begin to describe them. SG’s voice is like fingernails on the hood of a car...and it never stops.

She talks INCESSANTLY!!! What’s with that?

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