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PLEASE QVC..make her go away....."Shawnie Sue" is egomaniacal and makes me ill.

I'm sure she is a nice person, but this persona MUST go. She races around the set, trying on clothes to see how SHE looks, does this pretend religious faith schtick, and if I hear her rave about "moto jackets one more time I shall scream! Her hard sell tactics are off putting. I have a life long disdain for women who are phony and cutesy-pootsy.

This woman wins the prize!

I'm sure she is trying to be the new Lisa Robertson (who by the way became unbearable too!), but she is just annoying and I always turn her off!

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Holy *** people. Get lives of your own, please, & stop insulting women whom you know only via television!

Women are so vicious toward one another! That is what is UGLY, not a tv host. Grow up!!! If you don't want to watch certain people, tune to another channel!

I am, literally, shaking my head. Sad, sad, sad!!!


Stop...enjoy your own life! Stop being so ugly about someone else’s life


All of you are jealous plain and simple. Get over yourselves.

Would love to see what half of you people look like. That would probably be a joke. Haha. If all you have to do is put someone cruelly down then you seriously need a life.

I feel sorry for all of you miserable people. This type of behavior should be illegal.

Furthermore I think she is very pretty and seems extremely nice. The opposite of all of you disturbed people.

to Stevie #1545665

Shawnie Sue's Sister, lol!!!

to Stevie #1549106

Hey Stevie - GFY!! QVC hosts are phony .. WAY WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP - HORRIBLE HAIR - NO {{Redacted}}!

to Stevie #1562471

Not disturbed and so not ugly, Stevie! I'm a nice lady who has class.

I don't run around gossiping and acting like one of the TV housewives either. Yes, thanks, I DO turn her fake face off. She craves attention. A real woman who is secure with herself would never act like that in real life or on TV.

Quit judging everyone. Not classy.


I agree with all these comments about Shawn. Please take her off. She just looks terrible and loves herself sooooo much.

to Anonymous #1562125

I totally agree. What is with her horrible hair and those ridiculously long, dangling earring every day? She appears to be so immature for a woman her age.


Is shawn pregnant again.

to Anonymous #1539724

I was wondering that too


I just want to say that Shawn Killinger is so about herself it is sad that the wedding ring that Joe got her is not good enough she had to go and change it to rose gold from platinum... what???

who does that, just my opinion,,,I'm not trying to judge her but she just can't stop with herself. The other hosts are not like that she thinks she owns QVC ...give me a break.... Im glad i have hear to voice how i feel cuz cant on facebook you just start a war on there. Also if someone tries to prove her wrong she gets mad and starts almost yells.

She seams almost narcissistic. oh well just how i feel!!!!


I totally agree on every word you said


Watch July 23 PMStyle beginningShe yells at midelsProducersFor not answering ice cream wuestion from herAggressiveAwfulUgly to watchReported to HR


Shawn should grow up and act appropriately.Some of her outfits are ridiculous for a women of her ageShe is such a narcissist and ANNOYING

to Katgy #1522644

agreed very phony, not to hot at all in the looks department!~


Agree, agree, agree!!!!!!! Shawn is self absorbed!!!


I made a mistake, Shawn & Leah & the petite gal say "umm" sorry, I misspelled their pronounciation twice in my comments. It's "Umm" that they say over & over,has anyone else noticed this annoying habit,! Sounds sooo un-educated!


Sorry, Shawn, but some of your outfits are horrible!,and then you wear the ugliest shoes too! You say "yum" way way too much!!!

Now Leah and another gal that is on most of the time with LoriLogo have the same bad habit!!That petite host with Miss Logo talks sooo fast n her tone is most un-pleasant!

Who is doing her makeup? Boy she piles it on....looks awful!!..


Has anyone noticed how Shawn was the first to say, ahhhhh, constantly!She still does, & for whatever reason, now you have other hosts doing the same thing over and over! I can't stand it, I don't know the name of a small gal that is mostly with LogoLori, she talks so fast, it's annoying the way she speaks, & now, she too, is saying "ahhhh".The worst one is Leah , someone at QVC should tell her & the others to STOP!

I counted 12 "ahhhhhs" in less than 8. mins. during her presentation one Sat. They all need to be re trained!

Their jobs have gone to their heads and act like it's their personal show.

My favs are Any & the kooky redhead, can't think of her name right now. "Ahhhhh"


Will someone please, PLEASE tell Kristin Lindquist to STOP admiring herself in the studio monitor!! Lisa Robertson used to have this same habit, but it dimmed in comparison to Ms.

Lindquist's obsession with herself...posing, doing a little dance, lifting a heel, all while catching numerous glimpses of herself in the monitor...Geesh!

She's NOT ALL THAT, by the way. Please tell her that she's no longer in Hollywood, auditioning for a second or third string acting role!!

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