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PLEASE QVC..make her go away....."Shawnie Sue" is egomaniacal and makes me ill.

I'm sure she is a nice person, but this persona MUST go. She races around the set, trying on clothes to see how SHE looks, does this pretend religious faith schtick, and if I hear her rave about "moto jackets one more time I shall scream! Her hard sell tactics are off putting. I have a life long disdain for women who are phony and cutesy-pootsy.

This woman wins the prize!

I'm sure she is trying to be the new Lisa Robertson (who by the way became unbearable too!), but she is just annoying and I always turn her off!

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: New hosts.

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I can't stand her glasses on the tip of her nose! She's annoying to watch.

I'm sure many viewers turn the channel when she's on. I know I do. Can someone tell her how foolish she looks.

Now her glasses are off. What is she on!


Awful glasses pushed down her nose with no anti- reflective coating look TERRIBLE! She has no polish or elegance whatsoever. I ALWAYS turn QVC off when she’s on!!


Can't they find a job for that isn't in front of camera?


Shawn is so self absorbed and obnoxious- she failed on hsn and she’s a failure here to- and why does she wear her glasses on the tip of her new nose? Or is it a ploy to cover the fact that her nose is new.

She’s to old to carry on like a 19 year old- go the *** away Shawn. Your boring-


This is not a content person. She gets ruder to the guests by the day, even while she has a hard time keeping the items straight prancing about the set and saying um.

A kind way to put it scto say she is overworked. But oh dear is she ever hard to take.


I love Shawn. Maybe you should just hit “mute” if she bothers you so much.

You’re Miss Judgie-Sue.

Who are you to mock someone’s religion. QVC, Shawn K is amazing.


Out of desperation i phoned customer service tonight so fed up with Shawn on the issac show trying on and modeling while the models just stand there why is she slowed to act so foolish and we get it Shawn you are a size 2 get over yourself i can't watch on Monday night's anymore for her private fashion show prancing around

to Anonymous #1581102

I thought I was the only one who thought this. She was so rude to Dennis Basso tonight!

And rolling her eyes at DeAnn when trying to tell about her scariest movie?!?! Shawn needs to take an Obi belt and wrap it around her mouth. If you can’t be nice, just be quiet.

She really gives Isaac a hard time too. Mean girl needs to go.

to Anonymous mimi #1586224

I have shopped for 20+ years on QVC and i dont like to complain or be mean, but Shaun K was VERY ruded to Dennis Basso. And i too feel she is annoying and full of herself.

She just thinks shes the coolest.

Shes the only host i dont enjoy watching. Please QVC, do something!


Totally agree never never watch any show she is hosting even if I like the product. They keep shoving her down our throat ridiculous


Why are the models there? On PM Style they just stand there while Shawn tries on the fashions.

Isaac Mizrahi styled Shawn and the model was totally ignored. Her ego has really gotten out of hand.


Holy *** people. Get lives of your own, please, & stop insulting women whom you know only via television!

Women are so vicious toward one another! That is what is UGLY, not a tv host. Grow up!!! If you don't want to watch certain people, tune to another channel!

I am, literally, shaking my head. Sad, sad, sad!!!

to A Woman Supporting Women #1581137

Thank you. They should just turn the channel or maybe........get a life! Shawn is eccentric, for sure, but I love her.


Stop...enjoy your own life! Stop being so ugly about someone else’s life


All of you are jealous plain and simple. Get over yourselves.

Would love to see what half of you people look like. That would probably be a joke. Haha. If all you have to do is put someone cruelly down then you seriously need a life.

I feel sorry for all of you miserable people. This type of behavior should be illegal.

Furthermore I think she is very pretty and seems extremely nice. The opposite of all of you disturbed people.

to Stevie #1545665

Shawnie Sue's Sister, lol!!!

to Stevie #1549106

Hey Stevie - GFY!! QVC hosts are phony .. WAY WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP - HORRIBLE HAIR - NO {{Redacted}}!

to Stevie #1562471

Not disturbed and so not ugly, Stevie! I'm a nice lady who has class.

I don't run around gossiping and acting like one of the TV housewives either. Yes, thanks, I DO turn her fake face off. She craves attention. A real woman who is secure with herself would never act like that in real life or on TV.

Quit judging everyone. Not classy.

to Victoria #1586227

AMEN Victoria! Im not jealous or i would dislike the other hosts and i dont!

I LOVE QVC and its hard to enjoy a show with Shaun K acting like shes the bomb. No other hosts act like that.

And poor Dennis Basso. I saw how rude she was to him!

to Anonymous #1586794

Yes! And those ugly pink glasses perched on the end of her nose as she looks "over" them and into the camera, how much more obnoxious can she be!

Jealous No WAY! She really is a hideous woman, partly due to her personality, the vanity of the woman comes thru the TV and at the viewer in waves ad nauseam!

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