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PLEASE QVC..make her go away....."Shawnie Sue" is egomaniacal and makes me ill.

I'm sure she is a nice person, but this persona MUST go. She races around the set, trying on clothes to see how SHE looks, does this pretend religious faith schtick, and if I hear her rave about "moto jackets one more time I shall scream! Her hard sell tactics are off putting. I have a life long disdain for women who are phony and cutesy-pootsy.

This woman wins the prize!

I'm sure she is trying to be the new Lisa Robertson (who by the way became unbearable too!), but she is just annoying and I always turn her off!

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Shawn looks like ***


Do you people hear yourselves.You are shameful!

Would you say these hateful words to her if she were standing in front of you? I bet not. You need to look in the mirror at yourselves and deal with your hate.

It’s terrible.I am embarrassed for all of you.


Love Shawnie Sue...Also wish she would color her hair back to blond, I like her so much better as a blond...Wishing her and her husband a big congratulations on her new baby, so adorable


I will watch Shawn but, agree with the others.She seems to have replaced Lisa.....what a joke.

She used to constantly complain about her feet and not wears 4" heels....she has at least stopped wearing lounge wear, workout, sloppy cloths....but, not a good host. Read her education.

Work history.Was kinda surprised.


I can't stand Shawn Killinger..i change the channel when she's on.

I can't stand her lisp..QVC MAKE HER GO AWAY!!!!

to Monica #1404052

My sister and I totally agree with you!


Don't listen to these haters. They are just jealous. You go shawn.


Her hair looks so silly tonight!

to mamabev #1399364

Stop shaming behind social media...what works for you may not work for someone else. It's called choices. Lastly, unless you are perfect from head to toe...dont criticize fault or sham anyone.


Been watching QVC since I was 12 and I'm now 27, not sure why I like it so much but I am a huge fan.Anyway, I must admit Shawn is my least favorite host.

Also she named her kid Jagger Jude...

What?That poor kid, stuck going through life with that special snowflake name.

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