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PLEASE QVC..make her go away....."Shawnie Sue" is egomaniacal and makes me ill.

I'm sure she is a nice person, but this persona MUST go. She races around the set, trying on clothes to see how SHE looks, does this pretend religious faith schtick, and if I hear her rave about "moto jackets one more time I shall scream! Her hard sell tactics are off putting. I have a life long disdain for women who are phony and cutesy-pootsy.

This woman wins the prize!

I'm sure she is trying to be the new Lisa Robertson (who by the way became unbearable too!), but she is just annoying and I always turn her off!

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Will someone please, PLEASE tell Kristin Lindquist to STOP admiring herself in the studio monitor!! Lisa Robertson used to have this same habit, but it dimmed in comparison to Ms.

Lindquist's obsession with herself...posing, doing a little dance, lifting a heel, all while catching numerous glimpses of herself in the monitor...Geesh!

She's NOT ALL THAT, by the way. Please tell her that she's no longer in Hollywood, auditioning for a second or third string acting role!!


Shawn is a conceited FREAK


Those teal glasses are hideous. And what is with the mudflap earrings.

Shawn is so irritating.

You are not 20. Not cute or fashionable.


Just get rid of her !!!!!!!


I happened to see who was on LIVE last night (Yes, it was Shawn) and my first impression was - Wow! She looks like a poodle. The knotted bun in the forefront of her head, with the shag-a-do hair and the double whammy dangle earrings.If that's what floats your boat, so be it, but it looks silly.


The haircdo and the earrings are just so ridiculous looking


I used to love Shawn's looks. Her new look is not attractive, but she likes it.

Maybe it is an easy look now that she has the baby. Wish her well. She is a smart woman and will mellow out.David is a great host. I don't see the problem you speak of.

I see the touching thing with many of the designers of clothing and that makes me nervous. I guess we are all sensitive in different ways.


Just do not understand her "style" looking like a "Cher character" w the teal glasses & bobble earrings!???? When & why did she start wearing earrings? She did not like them a year ago!???


Shawns hair looks like a birdsnest it was much better before when it was shorter now its just hideous.


Please remind Shawn if she is going to be advertising rings she should have her nails properly manicured and not wear tacky nail color.


I agree with the above opinion. Glad she got the sweet baby and hope things so well for her, but guess what, she is not nearly as cute as she thinks!!!


So true!! Shawn' s conceited and tries to hard to be cool! Don't know what's more Stupider hair or the way she thinks!!!!!


I can’t stand Shawn either for many reasons but you don’t need to be crude and mean - just turn QVC off! There are other shopping channels all with the same type of Hosts. You do sound like a bunch of immature high schoolers.Someday someone will do the same to you.


She is AWFUl. Started ok but continues to deteriorate with her hyper activity and AWFUL attire.

She dresses like a teenager. Not becoming and her hair is the worst


How horrible to be so mean. Reminds me of bullies.


The opening dialog for Shawns' program was so unprofessional last night. She needs to understand that the gig is not about her but to sell products.


I think everyone is entitled to there opinion. But if you don't like something turn it off There is no reason to insult someone because of the way they portray themselves .I think she is trying to have fun. And just like any other woman likes to shop.


What’s going on with the gigantic ear things hanging? They’re HORRIBLE!!


I see hyperactive Susan Graver had to copy The Valley Girl's MASSIVE earrings by wearing a competitive size. It seems the BeautyLowIQ gals are in on it as well.Soon, The Valley Girl will be shucking her own line of these earrings on QVC. Like totally!


Ugliest hair ever!! Annoying host@

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