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PLEASE QVC..make her go away....."Shawnie Sue" is egomaniacal and makes me ill.

I'm sure she is a nice person, but this persona MUST go. She races around the set, trying on clothes to see how SHE looks, does this pretend religious faith schtick, and if I hear her rave about "moto jackets one more time I shall scream! Her hard sell tactics are off putting. I have a life long disdain for women who are phony and cutesy-pootsy.

This woman wins the prize!

I'm sure she is trying to be the new Lisa Robertson (who by the way became unbearable too!), but she is just annoying and I always turn her off!

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to "new hosts" as the author lost $1. The author is overall dissatisfied with Qvc. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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love shawn !!!!!!!


I chuckle while reading some of these comments, trying to imagine the faces and figures behind the posts. They sound like some seriously disturbed women with way too much time on their hands.

to William #1445642

I chuckle when I think of you reading these honest comments directed at a seriously obnoxious woman, you are a "man" without much of a life otherwise why would you look for or come across a blog about a woman on a shopping channel? You sir "need a life!"

to Tina #1445644

I agree Tina, he's obviously a relative!

to anonymous #1446033

Just because someone has sense in their head does not make them a relative. It's a free world, he can read whatever he wants. He probably made you feel embarrassed otherwise you would not be so offended.

to Tina #1445662

No, lady--you need a mirror!


Remove Shawn.I no longer watch.

That cutesy act nauseates. She is not cute, nor is she appealing when she dances around. Ugh!Amy is another turnoff. She prances and dances.

That singsong voice and delivery are her cutesy trademarks.Really quite into herself.So long QVC.


I love Shawn.She is funny and quirky.

I think she is just adorable. She is one of the reasons I watch QVC.

Don’t be a hater.If you don’t like it turn it off


What's up with shawn's hair tonight? That bump on top not only looks stupid, but it moves when she does!


why does Shawn act like such an idiot when she’s on air ??? You’d think she doesn’t have a brain in her head the way she acts sometimes...she’s 45 for Gods sake, acts like a 12 year old


I think Qvc need to do something about her.I turn off the show when shes on. So into herself. Tells guests be quite.Loosings Sales.


We agree seniors VillagesVery un professionalRude dresses weird.Interupts guests.


There are so many talented hosts on QVC.Having said that, why do you keep Shawn Killinger?

I agree she seems to be there to buy for herself. I don't see anything she does that could possibly bring business to QVC. Her taste in clothing also does nothing to sell QVC.I hope you will consider getting her off the screen.

If she has talents you can use, then place her where those will help you off screen.Sometimes I just have to turn QVC off.

to anonymous #1441012

I agree with you, I don't understand why QVC tolerates her obnoxious attitude, she comes across so strongly arrogant and full of personal pride. She clearly loves herself {{Redacted}}

to Clara #1441049

Sorry " thinks".


I don't know who is worse, Shaw Killinger or Susan GraverShawn has no interest in selling to customers. She is only interested for clothes for herself.I tried Susan Graver liquid knit. it does Stick to your body.


Shawn has always looked inferior with that “helmet-head” hair style Pfizer hers. Very distracting when she constantly moves her head to get the hair out from her eyes!!I will usually flip the channel when I see her on QVC!

to Uwaldo #1440397

How did “Pfizer” get in there? I meant “with that ‘helmet-head’ hair style of hers!”


Hey "spelling police"...you sure have your work cut out for you on THIS site.And about your declarations to look in the mirror before calling names...you sure as *** are in the right place!

Will be waiting for your admonitions to all the "name callers" going forward!Should keep you mighty busy between the two!

to Anonymous #1440074

Embarrassed are we?Admit you were wrong and don't know how to spell, yet tell others to look something up in a dictionary.

To cover up your mistake you react by name calling...very mature.

By the way, what's with all the talk about "waiting for this" and "waiting for that"...I thought you said you had a life.Ha!!

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