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Shawn K is all about herself she should not be hosting qvc she will be running good customers off!!! I was watching love peace clothing line tonight I bet she ask at least five times what size am I wearing xx small big deal Shawn so you are squeezed into a double x small we can't all be as small as you and if you want to shop do it before you go on air!!!! She is absolutely theworst host qvc has and I for one would not be sorry to see her go!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Qvc Reporter.

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I took great pleasure removing the shopping channels from my scan control menu.They're not the only victims of my silent boycott but I won't list them on your dime.

to Dirk #1441027

You are absolutely Right! I couldn't agree more!

I saw that show and you are spot on! I can't imagine why QVC keeps this fake woman on the air, give her a behind the camera job," Read The Blogs QVC" , there are tons of blogs out there, people really are turned off by her!

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