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I had an account with QVC for a long time. Always paid on time and used it regularly as I love their products.

I went through a bad divorce where there was abuse and had to leave for my safety. I left everything there that I could not get out prior to the final straw, which was nearly everything I owned. I ended up have to file Bankruptcy because I was left with all of the debt just so I could get out safely and get him to sign for the divorce which took over a year of being harassed by him. I was very thankful he could not find me.

I asked the judge to give back my maiden name so that he would not be able to find me. After a couple of years of hiding for my safety, I tried to get my life back and I opened other accounts, including QVC in my maiden name. It was legitimate and not an effort to hide. I received a credit card from QVC and after the initial order , attempted to order something else and was treated rudely by CS Agent who began by telling me" Just because you open an account in another name does not mean we have to service you.

" You owed us money and if you are willing to pay it we can then talk about another account maybe" She was hurtful and ugly and only offered me a number to Corporate where I " could tell my story to them if I wanted" I thought that when filing a bankruptcy it was a way to begin again not be judged for the fact that you needed to in the first place. I don't know who this little girl was but she was very mean and showed no desire to help me fix this.

I did not want this to happen. I had no choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Qvc Customer Care.

Reason of review: Accounts, Customer Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The company is still out the money regardless of your unfortunate circumstances. Bankruptcy clears out your debt but raises the prices for the rest of us.

I can totally understand why they don't want to offer you credit. I would suggest paying the entire amount of any future purchases with your bank card, then you get what you want and have no bill, good luck to you, mean no harm!

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