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I have never written a review or comment or response on the internet in my life. But I had to respond to yours.

100% agree with you. I have been a QVC buyer for over 15 years. Shaun is one of the all time worst hosts ever (not as a person, as a host selling me product) - she acts like she is a teenager, she flirts constantly with Issac Mizzrahi (it's disturbing), she gets into "laughing fits" that are extremely annoying or she gets super fake "sentimental" about her "soul" ring or whatever religious item she is selling - she goes on about "hard times" vague stories and cliches during the entire presentation and you don't really know anything about the product. I consider it dis-respectful to make the presentation completely about her and "Joe" rather than the item.

And - how is it that practically every item she presents it the "most amazing product she has ever seen" and "swears by it", "wouldn't be without it"... She may very well be a wonderful person in real life - but this "tv persona" of hers is not working for me at all! Or - the worse of all, she is looking in the monitors to see how it fits on her and trying to "decide" which color, size, ect to buy. She is suppose to be selling me the product, not posing so that I can't really see what the item looks like.

I hope some how she sees this and considers it a constructive criticism - I am not a hater or a troll and wish her well. I just wish she would be more respectful of the "customers" and do her job of presenting the item with facts and a reasonable amount of persuasion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Qvc Pm Style Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Totally agree with comments about Shawn Killinger. She acts like she’s “buddies” with all the hosts and is actually immature at times.

She doesn’t present herself as a professional and all her comments are the same when presenting a product...”the most amazing”, “my favorite”, “I use this everyday”. She tries to hard to sell and quite frankly, when she is on I turn the channel.


I like QVC but when either Shawn Killinger or Susan Graver is on, I switch channels. Both are equally offensive & self absorbed.Get over yourselves!


Make her stop mentioning going to the"Hamptons" to Jill's house. No one cares!

Just do your job without making everything about you.

Super fake. Wanna be.

to Anonymous #1646305

I agree with all of these negative comments. Too many of these girls are as obnoxious as Albany was.

Jen Coffey needs to stop those strange facial expressions and the odd way she holds her mouth. Shawn, please figure out what to do with your glasses. Nancy Hornback is becoming self centered as well. There are others too numerous to make.

Keep it professional. Stop checking the camera and stop posing. So fake. None of you are models so stop standing like one and stop standing pigeon toed.

And we don't care what size you are..you all appear to brag about being xxs, xs, and small ... Leave that to the models. You are to sell products, not yourselves.

Becoming very sickening and a complete turnoff. I would like to see a lot of you girls replaced, you're Too vain.


I totally agree. She doesn't want to sell to the customer.

She only wants everything for herself. I don't care what it looks like on her. QVC had models of all sizes for that. She so turns me off.

And she is so nosey wanting to know everything about Isaac. She acts like they are best friends. I love it when he puts her in her place. She is just so annoying.

QVC can surely do better than her. She is bound to be losing customers for them.


wow! I totally agree with all the comments iv read here...n one more thing that annoys the crap out of me is the hosts who talk at the same time as the product rep..like host is actually interfering with the reps turn to talk, I just wanna tell the host to shut up !


I so agree with everything you said. So glad it wasn't just me who thought all this.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1249555

This whole thing started when the self named queen, lisa robertson (yeechhh) was on the show and turned it into her own talk show. Barely showing a product at all and talking and LOOKING at herself the entire 3 hrs she was on.

She left and we all said THANK GOD - Now we can get back to the PRODUCTS! Boy were we ever wrong! Jacque makes sure to laugh throughout every presentation, presumably at whoever is constantly talking in her earpiece as she stares and blows kisses to herself into the camera while the guest is talking. Sean would make out with herself if she could figure out how to do it.

Albany is on some other planet most of the time - - WOW The Q is just a pile of *** nowadays.

Sandra Bennett and Courtney Cason and Amy Strand are about all I can stand. Everyone else is just garbage.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1249549

Well said! I have noticed that I watch less and less of the Q nowadays.

I was a daily watcher in past years, but not so much anymore. What annoys me the MOST is someone like Jacque for example - - someone is either talking in her earpiece the entire time she is show a product, because she always always seems to be smiling or laughing at something that the rest of us do not understand. It's quite obvious and she's not the only one. Terrible direction on that show and horrible camera work - always focusing on the arrogant hostess and her current hairstyle vs the product they are actually selling.

And Mr Mizrahi, please put socks on and stop laying down on the furniture when the show is live. It's not funny.

You make the Q look like a coin and knife selling show that on at 3am!

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #1193633

Shawn, and Susan Graver, get my goat. They are so in love with them selves.

Susan, rubs all over herself, like she's in ***, and Shawn, needs a new hair do, along with less make up.

The whole of QVC, is less than it ever was, they all talk more to each other, and about their lives than the product. And the way they grab the food, looks like they never eat except on air, talk with mouth full, and David Venable, needs to grow up and stop the silly happy dance, also the faces he makes, he thinks he's being cute, I don't need cute, I need honest, and just the facts about the product....I hardly tune any more, just shop on line....


Yeah, she makes me "sick". She's weird and obnoxious.


AND - Jacque Gonzales is very much the same. She is always making odd jokes and laughing her high pitch cackle.

My husband makes me turn it off when she is one. She insists on "taking off her make up" when she is presenting Philosophy Purity and talks like it is some great treat for the customer to watch her *** her make up. And then looks to see what "animal" is in the wash cloth - I think this is kind of gross. She is constantly talking over the guest and telling us about her.

What is it with some of these hosts? I personally don't want to hear about THEM - I want to hear about the product and its benefits. It seems like management has told them all to make it more "personal" and some go overboard. Very annoying when I watch the entire presentation and still don't know any more about the product than what is on the website.

BTW - If you are new to QVC - watch Amy Strand. she is very good.

I also recommend Gabriel Kerr and Courtney (forgot her last name). As of right now - Amy Strand is by far the best host on the network.

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