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my son gave me an cook's essentials air fryer 5.3 qt. model CM16053 , but did not receive the cook book that goes with it Can you please send me the cook book Thank you Gert Kaiser 6310-73St.

Apt. 105 Kenosha, Wi 53142 Phone 262-308-9292 E Mail will not be using it until I get the recipe book . Would appreciate you sending the cook book that goes with the fryer !! It sounds like it would be a good and healthy appliance to use, but having the recipe book to follow the details of the way to use it would be appreciated I don't know why I need to say more about it you want 100 words, this is rather hard to do after explaining to you the best way I know how as to what my complaint is.

Seems like an odd way to keep going just so I can get at least one hundred words !!

All I want is the recipe book that goes with the Cook's essentials air fryer model CM16053 Hope this is enough words so I can get a reply !!! Thank You

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