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I have to agree with everyone...please get this host off the air..I shop regularly with QVC..but I must say I cannot watch when Shawn Killinger is on..tonight she has on a black dress that looks like it is falling off her body. She is definitely showing her fake chest and she just is sooooooo full of herself.

I cannot believe as classy as The other hosts all are that they would keep this bimbo looking person employed here...I don't get it..and I just rarely watch A full show with her because she just annoys me with her self centered and garish look..ugh! Please let her go...

Review about: Qvc Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Stopped watching QVC, can’t stand Shawn, until she’s gone I won’t shop there any more.


AgreeBad person as host


I agree about Shawn Killinger toning it down. Get this woman a stylist.

Her clothing style and hair are simply ridiculous for a tv professional selling beauty products and fashion. She is just hard to watch.


I can't help it but Shawn is the phoniest host,I have ever seen.I have to say,I like the majority of the hosts but not Shawn.QVCWhen she first started,she was better.You can also tell,she hates it when other are talking,she wants 100% of everyone's attention.


Don't know how she qualified to adopt a child, She is a poor excuse for a mother, poor kid


Yeah, do not think she is going anywhere. Get a life. You do not like her...change the channel.


Glad I am not the only one with issues with Shawn. Don't care for the hair color , liked it before she took off on maternity leave. Seems depressed even though she tries to act happy.


Why does QVC host Shawn always ignore the black model? She never calls her name, acknowledges or even have the camera focus on what she even model, let alone acknowledge or call her name.

I hope this is not because she is a black high fashion model.

Will someone please address it on air because it is very obvious and has been noticed more than several times during the show. It’s beginning to be a turnoff...


Indeed! Ms.

Killinger is the most rude host on QVC. Besides!

She's so ignorant. Please QVC let that woman go.

to Ms. Zaidspiner #1412223

Totally agree. I thought I was the only person who found Shawn annoying and fake until I looked her up on the internet and saw so many people cannot stand her either. She is so fake!!

to Anonymous #1412647

You are SO Right! Fake, Plastic and so obnoxious!!!

to Anonymous #1488767

I agree.SHe is a big Fake and Phony.


Couldn't agree more. Love QVC and have ordered many, many items, however, I will Never watch or buy if Shawn is on.

The makeup and outfits are ridiculously cheap and she is not a good role model for QVC.

I agree all the other hosts are classy and funny. Shawn on the other hand is too full of herself and her antics are not cute at all.

to Anonymous #1388211

I agree! I see her exactly the same way you do, I am glad to know that I am Not alone and that lots of other people see what I see. There are many blogs out there, mostly about "Shawnie Sue" and her outrages behavior and Crazy Antics!

to Anonymous #1452514

I agree with everyone else! Phony.

Her and isssc are terrible.

You need to talk to him about his present station also!!! Anominous shopper.

to Anominous #1488770

If you have noticed...Shawn treats Isaac like crap.You can see he is uneasy,working with her...


Agree won't watch when she's on.....makes me want to throw something @ tv...egomaniac, ugly, hair and makeup clown like. Sympathy to her child


I stopped watching when Shawn was made the host of PM Style. Just annoying.


She should not come bk to qvc....Its ben soo nice w/out her!!!! Where does she gt those dresses she wears?

Wiccans r us?? Zero class and def no smarts...To give ms.classless her own shows is ludicrous. Hey q read the comments !

Shawn is Hated as much as Albany and u fired her.... ...

to Anonymous #1496732

Jeez! Don't blame her style on Wiccans please!

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