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First: I have had to stop watching QVC because their hosts are so corny. Watching Shawn fawn over herself and "I have to get that if there's any left" crapola is making me lose the will to live.

Second: Jane acts, dresses and does her make-up like a 15 year old girl and really I am ready for some fresh faces. She retired once and now needs to go ASAP.

Third: David is getting to be a balloon. Watching him eat non- stop or talk about eating is nauseating. Time to retire David and go on a diet. I know they are grooming Mary for your spot.

Fourth: For God's sake QVC, your high prices and volume and monopoly should allow you to once in awhile give your customers a BREAK on all the return fees. I purchase a lot from Amazon and very seldom ever pay a shipping fee. There are too many places and choices to shop, QVC, we don't need you constantly emptying our wallets and bank accounts. You pay for it coming and going.

Fifth: And MOST important, all their clothing lines, Susan Graver who panhandles that Liquid Knit horrible stuff, Quacker, Denim & Co., et al, everything is made in China, India, Thailand, there are hardly any USA made clothing (That I've heard of) being sold on QVC. Same goes for HSN which they also own.

I'll shop elsewhere and enjoy it more. If you ever have a problem, customer service is messed up!

Thanks- Jan

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My only proble3m with Shawn, as I wrote her too, is when she is presenting a clothing she doesn't like, a top, she absolutely destroys the top by tieing it around her waist, so you can't even see what the article is. I do have a problem with Jane T.

Her presentations are over the top, talks over all the guests, and poses like she's a diva. I do however like her Gem presentations somewhat, and also, the Irish. Now, the real issue is QVC's insistence about trying to make the Q, the Neiman Marcus of shopping channels. Their quality is really lacking.

No more do they have an abundance of beautiful leather jackets, suede clothing, and real silk. The only quality lines they have, and they are trying to destroy them also, are, Louis D, Bob M. Denim and Co. used to make beautiful leather jackets, and suede.

I still have the Koos of Cos silk duster I got many yrs ago, and it's beautiful. The quality is really lacking, even some of Isaac's clothes are lacking. Plus, I would NEVER buy shoes from the clothing vendors. Louis D is a class act, and should be rewarded with a GOOD QUALITY TSV.

I bought some jackets of his many yrs ago, and they were beautifully made. He has classic designs, as he did when he was with Ann Klein. Now the show hosts. You know about Jane T, but the ones I really trust and TOTALLY ENJOY, is Jill Bauer, Sandra B, Sharon, Alberti, David, Mary, Katy, *Jane and Pat* duo, Carolyn, Lea, Gabriel Mary(in the kitchen).

I just hope the new bunch, like Courtney, etc, don't attend the Jane T school of hosting, and constantly go over the top, and talk over the guests, as I've heard recently. I must say, Jill Bauer is by far the best host, trustworthy easy to listen too, and truthful about products. The new ones should fashion themselves after, he demeanor, and Carolyn's. As far as PMS goes, I rarely watch, it's the same over and over, and when it is a line Shawn didn't like she wore it absurdly.

Amy is ok, can't listen too long when she is hosting, but sadly no on can replace Lisa R, whose making her own shopping site, good stuff. The quality needs to escalate, and restart your products from the past. Trying to be the Neiman Marcus of TV isn't working, the quality is poor. I've been burned so many times, it's horrible the money thrown away.

I do love some of Logo, most no due to my age and lifestyle. But some of her stuff great for the younger ones. I know Sharon wears Logo, and she was terrific, sorry she's not around. She is an adorable host, wish she was on more.

Now that 've said my piece, I hope the quality dept does something about it. BTW I've been a Dooney buyer since 1984, my Mom bought me the first one(not on the Q), they are gorgeous bags.


Shopping with QVC means we pay shipping----tax----returns. Even when our returning has to do with a designer related problem, and that is at the discretion of QVC.

This never has been fair to the buyer and only rewards QVC and the designer. You are expected to send a return back first, before you get a replacement, which means you are taking a chance that you will be able to get your size. What's up with Logo prices? I think Lori Goldstein should open up boutiques in high end places and get herself off of QVC.

She is misplaced in the retail world. Her goal has far exceeded her clientele.

to Janet Bothwell #1635597

I agree! I shop high end stores, like Neiman's quite often and I laugh when I see Logo on QVC, the prices versus the quality for mass produced manufactured in China clothing is ridiculous!

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