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As a whole, love the hosts on QVC. Just wondering why they have a host when Susan Graver is on selling her line?

She over talks all of them and I find myself tuning out to avoid her.

And then there is Shaun...have seen her be rude to more than one guest selling their lines. The way she "yells" over Isaac is very offensive to him, I think. She talks down to him most of the time.

Also was watching Josie Moran selling her products and Shaun told her to stop talking as she had to give an update on the product. If I had been Josie, would have definitely complained about that, how degrading!!

My friends and I all think Shaun is just plain fake!

There, I feel better.

Reason of review: hosts.

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I agree with all the others about how annoying Susan Graver is. She gives me a headache, so when she is on I mute the TV so I am only watching the show and not listening to her incessant chatter.


Shawn is terrible. All she does it show off. Graver is rude and never shuts her mouth.


Oh boy! Watching Susan tonight and she starts talking about her pull up pants and her don’t look “clownlke “ referring to other designers.

We know who those are. And of course her cold shoulder is he only one done right, What a joke,


Folks, I think Susan Graver is wonderful... her passion for product is exciting.

We love her enthusiasm! Regarding Shawn Killinger, rude, ugly, fake, tries to hard to be notice...

maybe not enough attention at home. Shawn has a face best served for radio!


Love Logo, with Amy and Lori!! Can’t even watch it with Shaun.

Please put Amy back on with Lori. Shaun is very disrespectful and not nearly as cute as she thinks she is. Susan Graver talks WAAAAY TOO MUCH and interrupts the hosts!!! HARD TO WATCH!!!

She is TERRIBLY RUDE to poor Isaac!! Someone needs to pay attention!!!!

to Cindy Johnson1 #1645612

You are so rightf. Shawn looks so out of place on LOGO and today they have Susan on most of the day!!

I have to change channels because she never shuts her mouth. Stuff a sock in it Susan!

I was watching Shawn and she thinks she’s one of the models. Are the people on QVC sure those two aren’t on speed?


I agree totally; Shawn lacks the graciousness, class, and sometimes basic manners! Her hair is just plain odd and when she puts those glasses at the end of her nose, looks down over them and talks over people...oh my gosh...my inner teacher, mother, decent human wants to come out!!!!

She is just plain rude most of the time; again... no class.


I agree with at least part of the above writer. Susan does talk to much and talks over her host constantly.

Apparently she thinks she can go it better. Maybe if they let her she would stop twirling around so much, that's equally annoying.

I seldom watch her for those reasons. Jane is my favorite .


Susan Graver was on QVC tonight and made a fool of herself. Sandra could hardly get a word in.

Susan can't shut up long enough for the Host to say the colors. Also, she can't keep still. She acts like she's on something.

I think it's terrible that QVC doesn't talk to her about her behavior. I just cannot watch when she's on....

to Ellene #1641376

Susan sounds like a loud cheap drunk


Shaun’s huge glasses look ridiculous and are a huge distraction. Maybe they are designer but something smaller is much classier.


Can't watch either Amy or Lori for Logo; the clothing is cheaply made in China or India and they ask really high prices for it. I have purchased a few clothes, totally not worth it.

Jane needs to retire permanently and Mary Beth getting a bit long in the tooth too. And then there is Graver clothes: the liquid knit is horrible, scratchy, causes rashes, chafes and burns the skin, please I know Susan is contracted forever with the Q but give us a break. Don't buy her stuff. Denim & Co.

it somewhat better but I think we all need to start buying American clothing, purchase things made in America and stop making QVC and their sister company HSN incredibly rich! Let's just stop it!

to Janny #1558275

Janny, I agree with you about Susan Graver. I don't like her Liquid Knit.

She says it doesn't cling, but it does. She also talks way too much.


Shaun is one of my favorite hosts. She looks as good or better in clothes than some of the models, andI find her informative, humorous,and always respectful of her guests.Flamboyant? Yes, but that too is attractive to me, and she is less stuck on herself than Lisa Roberts.


Don’t watch or buy when Shawn or Susan are on.


Shawn is the one host I enjoy watching! She is no different than Lisa

Robertson was.

When it comes to wanting to buy while presenting.

Besides, I worked retail for 4 years, and I too used to pick items up while working. If your a lover of shopping, it is hard not to no matter what you are doing at the time.

But, I must say, some of these NEW host I’ve seen at all hours NEED more training! Honestly, besides clothes ( Issac and Denim&Co) I can’t resist Dooney’s!

But really when Lisa Robertson sold them, she sold in a way that I just had to have one. Not now, nobody comes across like that any more, maybe Jane Tracey. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy a lot of Dooney, but not always from QVC. Where is all the enthusiasm from these newer hosts, plus shouldn’t they be showing the colors, before referring to having the item or trying the item themselves.

I want to see the colors before one sells out.

Well, thank you for listening, I have been a shopper on QVC since you first started, before you CVN. ( It all started from my mother) All my 14kt.

Gold mostly is from you from years ago.


Susan Graver is one of QVC's house brands so she's not going anywhere. QVC owns the line.


It s kind of ridiculous to say if you don t like the host don t watch the show I watch the show for the products not for the host to entertain me Sorry but Shawn is too annoying for me . So I miss Issaac because she is always so inane with him.

to Shop9 #1421782

I have a right to voice my opinion. If I don't care for someone, I don't care for them. If I could get passed her nonsense, I would watch the show....


I cannot and will not watch QVC when Susan Graver is on. Since the Producers won't stop her incessant talking, her family should tell her that she talks entirely too much and is quite rude.

She obviously is not self aware.

I literally get a headache and become nauseous when I hear her. It's sad....

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