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I have been a QVC customer since 2009 and have used their easy pay method of payment for some large ticket items. In 2010, I purchased a laptop with all the bells and whistles, which was well over $1,000.

The item was top of the line and came with well over a few hundred dollars worth of software. I paid it off and never purchased a larger ticket item until July 2013. I purchased a cell phone that, unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase, could't pick up the 4G LTE in my area but only picked up 4G WiMax, which is not in my area and being phased out by my carrier. Before making the return, I called CS to let them know why I was sending the phone back and the CS rep made the new order for me with the bank card I had on file.

Meanwhile, the first easy pay payment for the order I just sent back went through. No problem there, as I understand my money will be refunded when the item is received by them. Three days later (today), I check the status of my order and it status is "Contact CS." I contact CS and they tell me that they will not process the order any further on easy pay unless I give them a major credit card or I can pay the item off with my card on file. I asked them why and they told me their policy is simply no easy pay with prepaid or bank cards, only major CCs.

I reminded the rep that I have always used my bank card to buy big ticket items from them on easy pay and that they have never had a problem with me paying. The rep agreed with me. The rep then told me that they tend to check the type of card a customer uses if the customer is new or has had a problem in the past. The rep also said that despite me being a long-term customer with a good record, someone must have checked because the item was big ticket, in other words, after all these years, someone decided to do his or her job.

I asked if my history with them would allow me to continue with the purchase and I was denied. I informed her that not everyone has or uses major CCs (especially in a bad economy). So, despite having been a customer with a solid payment record, no easy pay. I understand that policy is policy but my experience, since 2009, is that they have NEVER enforced this no bank card policy (not with me, anyhow).

Further, they have to know that many people are using bank and prepaid cards these days, so refusing to offer the same type of offers to these customer will narrow their customer base. Anyhow, after all these years of never having a problem with QVC, I'm done with QVC.

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I have been there since CVN days. Same treatment. I too am done with the Q...


I agree!! Never again!!

I was told I had two accounts and was not paying on one of them! Never knew I had two accounts and they put all my easy pay on my credit card until I got a statement from the collection agency! I had gotten several letters from QVC saying I had not paid so I called customer service and she said I had as it was put on my credit card and pay no regard to those letters!! So now I guess I'm in real trouble and my excellent credit will be ruined all because of this incompetent company and employees!

So never ever again will I purchase from after 30 years of being an excellent customer!! Hope all will take my advise!!

No more!! Go elsewhere!!


I just used a bank card (debit) for a $1,200 tv. No issues.


I do not understand the no bank card policy. More people are using vus a bank cards more than major cc.

What's the difference? either way someone could close their account, not have an available balance. A vus A us a visa. Do you check every card holder to make sure they never have less than a certain available cc balance?.

I personally do not use major c.f. because I don't want to be in debt and pay interest. Company like qv c push for people to go into debt. We should be able to use our visa debut cards.

I'm just going to use amazon, they never tell you you can't use a visa debit, it's processed as a credit card payment, not a check payment. Glad I found this out, I had a list of stuff both easy pay and single pay for Christmas, I'll take my business elsewhere

to Donna C #1403925

We have used easy pay many many times and we order online and always use our debit card and have never had a problem doing so.


Honestly, why do they care what card you pay with? As long as your paying the bill what does it matter?

I had this same problem though. I was using my bank card and everything went through before with them. no issues at all. I did easy pay multiple times and paid off all my things in full.

I dont feel comfortable using credit cards for big ticket items because i like to keep the balance down on my cards. also my credit lines are low so i cant use it to make big purchases. But anyway back to my story. I used my bank card to purchase a laptop for my son for christmas i made this purchase on October 1st.

The first payment at checkout went through and the second payment for November got declined. I never had my bank card decline because i always make sure there is enough to cover what i need to get and i always check my balance before making purchases. Anywho I checked the balance on my card to see why the payment declined. my balance said i had 3,000 dollars so it wasnt a issue of not enough funds.

i call QVC and explain the situation. I asked what the problem was and she said they don't take bank cards. I asked how can that be when they have used my bank card i had to pull the money out every month with autopay for years when i was buying various items and why it was an issue now. They said it was a policy.

I said ok but why you were able to take out the first payment then if you dont accept bank cards. This is when she got nasty. She said I just *** told you. She then said now listen closely stupid *** if you wanna go through paying to keep this purchase you need to provide a credit card.

I told her that if she was gonna give me her nasty little attitude and expect me to continue buying from them that she better start treating me with respect because I was being nice to her. When she got all huffy puffy again I asked for her name wrote it down and asked to be transferred over to a supervisor. She transferred me and I gave the supervisor her name and told him about how i was treated. He assured me it was no problem that he would take care of it.

I said thank you and explained my issue. He told me that bank cards were fine to use and he would try and take out the payment to see if it declined again. I thanked him and went about my day. The next day I called back to check up on the payment and found out that this time the payment had gone through.

Now i have no more issues. So i have no idea which person you were talking to be but i was told bank cards were fine.


So the policy is the policy as long as it doesn't apply to you?


I had the same thing happen to be after years of buy my xmas gifts on easy pay, using a visa debit card which automatically rec. my social security check every mo.

What really stinks, try buying from HSN if you live in a 2 family house and say your landlords wife hasn't payed her bills they won't allow you to purchase with or with out flex pay or have anything shipped to the address you happen share with a deadbeat. I was put a list called the BAD address list.


the credit collector bank called me today saying that the item i bought for $67.44 will $128.05 since i didn't pay for the 3 easy pay.. buy i did, i pay them using the debit card that in my apple account and every time i do it says PAYED so i thought i payed it!

and everytime i checked my QVC account it says there "Sorry, we couldn't find any Easy Pay orders! Please try looking for your order under "All Orders" or using one of our other options above." so i was thinking i already payed it full. I'm trying to build my credit now and i feel so bad now because its not in my intention not to pay them. I've been paying the full price before but want to try this easy pay.

so i called my bank first just to be sure and they said theres no transaction. (so shocked) then called QVC customer service said they don't accept debit card. there is 2 ways to pay thru sending checks or calling the 1-877 number. so now, i need to pay the penalty.

I'm not going to use my QVC card! I'm done with this home TV shopping!!!


Right...they are not willing to change the date on a flex pay...

Done with them HSN...much better


I too have been a customer for years! Last week I tried to order an item with my debit card with easy pay!

I was told I can not use my debit card with easy pay! I don't get it as last month I used it! I will no longer shop QVC.

any longer! They want us to get there crdit card so banks get richer and we end up in a mess1

to Anonymous #1405867

Just did it on Cyber Monday. Debit card, no problem.


I just had the same issue with iPad Air order. i am all set and will order from Apple directly.

I canceled the order. I'd rather not have the crappy things that the iPad Air comes with anyway. I just want the iPad Air.

All types of reviews for it are saying how crappy the items are that come with the Air. I'd rather not pay $200 extra bucks for crappy items that it comes with.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #762424

Hum, that is weird. I ended up buying tons this Christmas with my bank card.

No issues with big ticket items. They even changed my payment date because I could not pay till after holiday. And one item I did not receive....

They refunded me within 24 hours. Might want to call speak to manager.

to mikamouse15 #762599
I never realized that QVC had this policy, as I had no problem with them until someone decided to do his or her job to check how I ordered this particular item (Remember, I indicated that the order in question was placed over the phone with the help of a customer service rep who should have known the policy). I'd purchased big ticket items in the past with them using my bank card but one day, they just decided to check.

It's their policy that they will only do easy pay with major credit cards but they don't follow the policy. I never had a payment issue with them, which they acknowledged, but told me that policy was policy, which is BS because I was able to purchase with my bank card for so many years. Other than this inconsistent application of their own policy, I have no problems with QVC.

Check the website for the easy pay policy and you will see that they do want you to use a major CC but whatever you do, don't call them or they could stick it to you too (demand that you pay off items all at once with bank card :cry ). Thanks for your comment.
to BankCardUser #842109

I got away with using a prepaid gift card for a $600 vacuum using EASY PAY so I only paid 1/6 of the cost and then the card was eventually dead before the next billing, but in the interim I tried to do a second easy pay for a Playstation 4, but suddenly oh we don't allow prepaid cards, LOL, I was like YOU ALLOWED IT FOR THAT VACUUM I GOT FOR FREE! they are inconsistent and unpredictable

a tip: cancelling the order, then going on chat to reinstate the order gets rid of CONTACT CS and changes the status to IN PROCESS, and may bypass the block

to bob #842119

Do you realize you just publicly admitted to credit fraud?

to bob Oswego, New York, United States #874280

Your a *** bet welfare person

to bob California, United States #892371

and people like u r the reason us people have a hard time getting credit or using our cards

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