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On Dec 19, 2012, I finally broke down and ordered an item off of a "shopping channel" web site. I have dealt with E-Bay, New Egg, Tiger Direct and other various web sites, with little or no problems.

I decided to get my Fiance a tablet for Christmas. Being the electronics geek, I am it took me a while to research tablets and to find the "right" deal. I thought I had found it. Until a little while ago when I found out that the item isn't due to arrive until the 27th.

When I was going through the process on their web site, nowhere did it tell me or alert me that the item I ordered was not Guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

Instead, pasted all over their web site was the term "GUARANTEED DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS. THIS IS A DECEPTIVE SELLING TECHNIQUE. So When I ordered this I was under the premise It would be here for Christmas. I feel this is extremely deceptive, as if I has known otherwise, I would have not ordered it , and went and did something else.

Now I am not going to have it for her as a gift for Christmas. When I explained my anger and disgust, and asked what are they going to do to rectify this and turn me into a happy customer, all I got was I am sorry, all we can do is refund the shipping. That doesn't even come close to making me happy. The least they can do is knock off one of the payments, and refund the shipping for their deception, and my (and my Fiance's) inconvenience.

I work in customer service for a small company in the transportation business. While our complaints have been very sparse, when we have an upset customer, we go to great lengths to satisfy them.

QVC Needs to do this with this situation (and all situations)

I can tell you I won't do this again.... I can Guarantee that it will be a very long time before I order off a "shopping channel" web site again.

Review about: Qvc Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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