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I purchased a Dell computer in November 2011 from QVC. It was $779.96 (it wasn't cheap).

I bought it for my daughter for school. The computer's motherboard had to be replaced (witch Dell did free of charge) however they sent it back with a damaged wireless card so now it won't connect to the internet. She has spent hours & days on the Dell tech support line (they are very rude) and still no resolution. I called QVC and of course they got my money and said take it up with Dell.

Dell said "it's a machine, we can't guarantee any machine". They keep telling her to wipe out her entire hard drive instead of allowing her to send it back for repairs free of charge again. It's not even a year old....

from what we gather this computer is known for these issues. Do Not buy a Dell, they do not back up their merchandise & please don't ever buy anything that expensive from QVC or your throwing your money away!

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I had the same issue they gave me the run at QVC and Dell Support because I did not want to pay to return what was a defective machine. I was transferred around, transferred me to Dell Supervisors whose voice mail was full.

I contacted QVC and Dell finally called me, they sent out a tech to my home 3 times, still couldn't fix it, they had me send it back to Dell, and it was returned and STILL not working. I finally had to write a letter to QVC Corporate who called me and advised that a Dell Supervisor would call me back by 7PM that evening....the *** waited until 6:55 PM to call and said they would send out a replacement machine and was very rude and warned me that if they didn't get the non working one back I would be charged for it.

I FINALLY got a working computer. The moral to the story NEVER BUY A DELL, NEVER BUY A PC FORM QVC!!!

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