I turn the channel if it's her!!! 30 year devoted viewer and spent I don't even know --- I think Shawnee sue is bat crazy!!!

The crazy hair ! The crazy talk!! Prescription meds? She yells "order this" and goofy other things she says--- who gave her a child???

She is her biggest fan!!!

Obnoxious and sickening and all her 'cool' sayings---- her drama!!! Phony huckster!!!!

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I totally agree with everything said. I simply can't watch the shows she hosts. But I will admit on a few occasions while my friend Jeannie is visiting in the evenings we have turned on QVC while shawnie Sue is hosting, open a nice bottle of red and laugh and point out all of the odd, strange, weird things she says and does, we even kind of keep score to see who can spot the most, it's our dirty little secret!


I have to agree with you. Shawn spends more time telling the viewers what she is buying I do not watch when she is with Issac, all they do is talk small talk and personal things which I feel make the models somewhat uncomfortable. What is QVC paying her for selling products or walking around acting weird.

to Sunshine #1396214

I agee w/everyone who wrote about Shawn. She is the worst host you ever had on.

I cannot stand the way she falls all over Issac. AND she never shuts up whenever any one else is talking. I would bet my last $ that anyone watching QVC cannot tolerate her. When she is on, especially w/Isaac, I turn the channel.

Too bad, I like what he brings on to the show. His loss and also QVC.

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