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QVC does not disclose that if you return an item, especially "beauty products" your account will be closed immediately without any explanation why. No where do they disclose you cannot return "beauty" items and they do not let you know the reason why your account was terminated (you must call to inquire your shipment was not released, regardless of what the item was). If this is their policy, it should be stated in writing with full disclosure... Read more

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I'm getting really tired of the fact that I find something I like, and then the next year I go to order, the product is discontinued and/or completely out of stock in my size. QVC has a reputation for this. No wonder they are having financial difficulties. In particular, I like Susan Graver products, but this has happened with other clothes as well. It's very disappointing and frustrating. I sure need to find someone else to order clothing... Read more

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Farmer Jon's popcorn... tastes like salt free, too many corn hulls. I won't eat any more. I won't order again. Hope to get refund.

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I ordered an HP All In One desktop on August 29 in the limited teal color and ordered it on 6 flex pays, so my down payment was app. $117. I received an email confirming my order for the teal desktop. It took two days for the order to be released, and then two days after that (on September 2) I finally got the email saying my item was being shipped. All along I was told I would receive my desktop BY 9/7. That day came and went, and NUMEROUS... Read more

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Paula is my name. I have used this company for several years. I have been happy with everything I ordered and I always use easy pay. When I have talked with reps in the order process, they have always been helpful. No complaints by me. I have never returned anything. I use and enjoy all my items I order. I would never order a tv as I want to see and touch it and take it home, it only makes sense to me.! I also pay off my credit card every... Read more

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Never again! I placed my order I received the wrong item! Called and he told me to send back the item and they would ship out the correct one. So I call to see when my item would be shipped and I get told there is not a new order placed! The gentleman i talked to told me he would put in the new order and have my correct item shipped the next day!!!!! And turns out there never was a new order placed! Now the item is sold out!!!! Worst experience... Read more

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After being a loyal customer for many years, QVC now treats me like s***. I cannot get a simple question answered, but only receive form letters as responses. I have tried their online chat talk, as well as e-mailing them but they simply do not care! They will not answer my question directly, but continue to beat around the bush. After I respond to them once, they will not return my communications. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!! I have... Read more

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Got refund onto old card I cancelled, even though I phoned up and gave them my new card details the bank said they bounced the refund back , QVC said they don't have it, appalled as I've lost £39.00 , I'm on my own with my brother ill with cancer and need every penny, disgraceful from this company, as phoned many times everybody with different answers but no help , they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this stealing people's money,... Read more

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My wife has a terrible spending problem.I got her a limit of $1,300. Each month, they allow her to go $200-$300 over her limit.Plus they let her use easy pay. So I get these threatening letters that are almost like extortion. I have called QVC and spoke to customer service.I told them of my problem. They said they did not care what her limit was. I asked them if they could at least not let her use easy pay and they said no. So basically the... Read more

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I purchased a Dell Laptop from QVC in April of 2016. Have had several major problems with it and I have called QVC and Dell. The only number anyone will give me is a number for technical support but I want a number to call about them replacing this sorry laptop. When you do call technical support, most of the time you can't even understand them. My windows 10 crashed first and I have had so many problems since they reinstalled my windows 10.... Read more

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