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Turned down for order____Took money from credit card for previous order___what is going on! Please advise Add comment

I have never written a review or comment or response on the internet in my life. But I had to respond to yours. 100% agree with you. I have been a QVC buyer for over 15 years. Shaun is one of the all time worst hosts ever (not as a person, as a host selling me product) - she acts like she is a teenager, she flirts constantly with Issac Mizzrahi (it's disturbing), she gets into "laughing fits" that are extremely annoying or she gets super fake... Read more

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Hello,I cannot sit back and watch Shaun Killinger make a complete fool of herself.The way she acts when hosting on QVC is that of a child.She uses the work SICK multiple times when presenting a product.My 17 year old daughter uses that word when something is awesome.I take offense to that word especially when it's in front of a live audience.Many people aren't aware it is a slang word for great.Shaun you are to old to be prancing around like a... Read more

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order and paid my payments like I was to do but never got,they say it was out side my door.i contact qvc about this with in their 45 days and dispute with my bank and was ask to find another bank,i have tired 10 times3 times with intheir 45 days.almost year later still trying.don't want a refund because no longer have that bank,like a membership credit,i have bought almost 6,000.00 from them,i call and they hang up on me or no one return my... Read more

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I live in Arizona. I have shopped qvc for years. Recently we moved plus we have identity theft. We told qvc starting in november. They messed up everything. We lost christmas presents. Then wete told we would get a credit and the merchandise. We got 1 thing and every day called customer service to be told it eas on its way. Finally we found a woman named tennell who told us that they were told on one screen to tell us that it was coming... Read more

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For whatever reason, they never charged my card for the final easy payment on an HP netbook I purchased. I never got a notice about a problem processing the payment, just found that one day my QVC account was suspended. I got real busy at work so it was about 6 months before I got back to this. In that time, I changed banks. So I finally called QVC CS to find out why and was told that they didn't get the last payment so they sent the account to... Read more

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I recently ordered a product from QVC and received a totally different product then I ordered. I ordered Farmer Jon's popcorn and received salt & pepper shakers. When I contacted customer serv. I was told to return product and when they received it, they would send correct product, or place another order and pay them for it and they would send it. Why should I have to pay for their mistake. They used to care, but lately, they don't care about... Read more

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Colors, sizes, textures, realistically are almost NEVER the same in your presence as they are depicted on TV ! hence, they are returned and QVC aka "Debbie" formerly"Jim Mc Dermott ' complain about the quantity of returned items alleging they are not re-sellable and while the item was in our possession, QVC lost a sale because they did not have the item to ship, mostly scripted nonsense! They do NOT 100% sell out of every item shown on air nor... Read more

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A friend first gave me a bottle of this Wen in about 2009. I liked the way it made my hair feel and it made my color last longer. I kept ordering the stuff from QVC, several of Mr. Dean's hair care products over the years and used till about 3-4 months ago. My hair started falling out after a few years but I never even thought it could be the Wen. Then my hair came out in handfuls and tub and shower plugged the drain several times from my hair.... Read more

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Ordered a tank top from QVC a few weeks ago. Just one, they send me 2 of the exact same thing. I did not order 2 of the same tank top. Their error. Tried to cancel the 2 top, could not it was in the process of already shipping. Contacted the CS dept. "Janet" said to just return the 2nd item and a refund would be put back on my cc. Did as she asked. They received the return and processed the refund. Received only a partial refund. So I have to... Read more

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