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  • $23.8K claimed losses
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  • From mobile
  • QVC
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
  • #561559

I ordered the Christmas lights. I was informed it could be sent by P.O. #.I just found out thru customer service I was refunded due to non delivery.This is second time this has happened. Will never order from QvC again:( Add comment


  • Nov 16
  • Finances
  • Germantown, Maryland
  • Account
  • 103

Screw QVC and their customer service. I was updating my account info and the next day I go to sign in my account is locked. I call CS and they said it was closed by the corporate office. Then they said I can mail them a letter. Question, what pathetic company makes a customer write a freaking letter? I said this is a *** joke!!! I bitched my 9 orders were cancelled including g a todays special... Read more

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  • Nov 06
  • Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Bose Solo Sound System
  • 115

Ordered the Bose Solo TV Sound System that was their Special Value. I ordered it in the first hour of the presentation. Waited to receive it in a few weeks and upon my checking to see when it was shipped I saw that it was on back order. Called many times to see when it would be shipped and they kept telling me soon.Today it was cancelled. They sold them and didn't have enough to fill the orders... Read more

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  • Nov 05
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Beauty Device
  • 1
  • 1
  • 148

I ordered a beauty device from QVC recently. After I got the text message from my bank, and check the order status (showed On Proccess) I thought everything was ok. Then two days later, when I checked again, the order was cancelled (I got an email infrom it but no reason given). I didn't cancel anything, so I sent email and the CS staff replied me one day later, said that my account was closed.... Read more

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  • Oct 28
  • Customer Service
  • Fees
  • 2
  • 2
  • 124

I was late one time on a payment due to a house fire. All my mail had to be routed to a friend's house. Well I contacted to let them know and asked them to remove a late fee ($25)due to my situation. They did and the following month, I pay on time but the statement came and again I was charged with another late fee due to last month but this time it was ($35)??? I contacted the QVC bank and... Read more

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  • Oct 28
  • Online Shopping
  • Christmas Tree
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  • 2
  • 88

i ordered a prelit 6 1/2 foot tree and was very happy the first year I had it. The next year I put up the tree easily,but 1/2 the lights were out. I called and was given the number for service,but It took 3 month for anyone to get back to me. I was told I was responsible for shipping cost and were to send it. It cost me 65 dollars to ship it back because the us mail won't ship such a big package... Read more

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  • Oct 25
  • Shopping
  • Enhancer Delivery
  • 1
  • 1
  • 73

I ordered a Judith Ripka enhancer and it took forever for them to ship it to me. I complained and complained and complained to no avail. I finally got it with the explaination of a computer glitch. When I wrote this in a review, the review mysteriously disappeared. I wrote it because I had always had good service before and I wanted to alert customers that, apparently, it was possible for this... Read more

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  • Oct 16
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Shoes Purchase
  • 2
  • 2
  • 130

QVC is now using breast cancer to gain customers. I have shopped with them for years but will never shop there again. They advertised a shoe in magazines and on their website that was scheduled to be on sale 10/16/14. It was an UGG moccasin. The shoe was never on sale on the website or TV. After may customers questioned the host on FaceBook about the item the host announced the item was sold... Read more

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  • Oct 15
  • Products
  • Return Shipping Charge
  • 120

Qvc does not have a no questions asked return policy. Why hasnt this co been charged with fraud in at least PA? I too received a warning letter stating I returned items appro 20 percent more than other customers and cost them money. Excuse me? I never wear any apparel simply try on and since their quality control is nonexistent and each and every brand fits differently in same size as well as... Read more

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  • Oct 12
  • Customer Service
  • Unconditional Return Policy
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  • 1
  • 129

I have spent more than $5000 dollars with QVC a over the past 16 years. Of course I have made many returns and I have absolutely kept far more than I have returned. I need to hold, feel, try on and decide if it is a keeper once I have received ANY item form ANYWHERE! How dare that ignorant QVC a send me a letter reprimanding me on returns and what it costs the company when I have been following... Read more

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