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I too have had same experiences, to the point that was sent letters if how many orders I had placed and how many I have placed bars same item returned and how many I had just out right canceled. So, one day out of the blue, I called then to question that procedures...this is what I said....WHY DO YOU EVEN ASK US CUSTOMERS TO GIVE A SUGGESTION OR GRADE YOUR PRODUCT, OR GIVE A REVIEW IF YOU DO NOT WANT JUST WHAT WE THINK OR HAVE FOUND OUT ABOUT... Read more

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I am a QVC fan and watch and order things fairly regularly some of which to be returned for one reason or another but this is not my complaint. I was so shocked to hear Bob Mackie "insist" on making a demeaning political statement against a candidate in the presidential race against the spokeswoman's warning him that they don't allow these statements because they get them in trouble... but he continued with his derogatory comment! I have been a... Read more

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i was sold a defective gpx hd tv when i contacted qvc they not only had no solutions they made me feel like i was bothering them they the audacity of the way they take advantage of trusting customers and take your money is outrageous shame on you qvc when i contacted them and told them the sound was like a person talking quietly through a can she said well you can return it for exchange or refund i said well i would have two wait another 2 weeks... Read more

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  • Aug 04
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Customer service reps are rude!!! They need to train the people that answer the phone, how to be polite, patient and how to speak to their customers. Will never order from them again!!! Very bad customer service!!!

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Beware of QVC's easy pay offers. I had several past due easy pay payments. QVC turned my account over to a collection agency and closed my account. They informed me that I could not open a new account and any attempts to make a purchase would be cancelled. I contacted the collection agency recently to confirm that my past due payments were paid in full. I contacted QVC and they stated that they needed to contact corporate to verify this and then... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 26
  • #888751

I bought the angels trumpet pkant they have NOT done anything thet are about 8 inches tall very disalointed

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 23
  • #887550

Purchase off QVC made it seem like this the best pillow ever. I purchased them & it was a disappointment! It goes flat fast. I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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I like QVC no last night by phone that I no longer wish to give my money to them for their products anymore. Although I have been happy with my purchases and quality ,I am disillusioned with Christmas in July. What's next Christmas in June Christmas in May! they're starting to really show their true colors I know their business but enough is enough. too greedy Read more

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If I respond with four or five stars, you bet my product review is posted immediately. A one star review simply disappears. I do see some one star reviews posted, but I suspect QVC trashes many of them to "mold" the truth about the product. I just think that it is funny that negative reviews are almost never posted! HSN puts a negative review up right away. QVC holds it for "consideration." That rather makes their star rating system... Read more

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I ordered a product and reviewed it 2 months ago. Every day since I'm getting emails telling me my review has been posted. The same review, day after day. I can't even get a human being to listen to me. One customer service woman laughed when I said "these emails are annoying" as if I'm just supposed to delete them. I called the corporate office....a customer service person called me back and said "Tech support is working on this"...TWO Months... Read more

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